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Here at Regtask, the protection of your personal information is a mission critical task. When using any of our online services, the information that you transmit to us stays with us. This Privacy Policy details our methods and commitment to preserving the integrity of your privacy.

Purpose of Information Collection

In any given Regtask related process, whether a product purchase, a software download, a trial period initiation, or a product registration we may request various components of your personal information. Though not limited in nature, this request will often include your name, your address, and a valid and active email address. Quality customer support depends upon accurate recordings of all software sales and transactions. Validations and warranties require that we maintain exact records of web site activities. Secure merchant payment processing ensures that strict privacy criteria remain in place. Personal information from persons under the age of eighteen is purposefully rejected. Sign in and other opt in permission-based email data collection methods provide our registered users with options concerning product updates, nuisance alerts, and related product offerings. We value your trust. Your privacy is protected. Unless specifically instructed by law, we will never sell, lease, or give your personal information to any third party faction. You can contact our company Time Pioneer Limited at support @ or by writing to us at 408C Des Voeux Road Hong Kong if you have any queries.

Email opt outs are quick and easy. Either click on the email included unsubscribe link, or visit our web site at By filling out the data input forms and then submitting the requested opt in information, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure purposes as herein outlined. Furthermore, any text as posted to a chat room, forum, or other form of Regtask provided public bulletin is available to all users of the site. Regtask is not responsible for the methods and purposes of disclosure in which third parties may apply said text postings.

Collection of Web Site Usage Statistics

The collection of user IP addresses and web site access information is our default practice. This collection permits us to better evaluate web site activity, including but not limited to visitor numbers, visitor frequency, and the length of visit.

How Information Is Used When Collected

Methods in which we may use collected information:

· To process and validate customer purchases.
· To confirm the accuracy of your personal information.
· To complete the process of customer registration.
· To establish and maintain your personal customer account.
· To generate email updates concerning new, existing, and enhanced products or services.
· To relay special offers.
· To enable product enhancement through customer feedback.
· To provide personalize content, advertising and promotions based upon collected information as related to user preferences, user needs, user suggestions, and user recommendations.
· To send advance notice of a pending trial period termination.
· To offer an extension of an ongoing trial period.
· To inform customers of the forthcoming expiration of a current software license.

Under extraordinary circumstances, when necessary to enforce our service agreements or terms of use conditions, Regtask may disclose and use personally identifiable information. For example, we must protect our intellectual property rights. If you have failed to honor and abide within our End User License Agreement(s), Regtask may disclose or use your personal information, when, in good faith, we believer that the applicable law may require us to do so.

Application of Internet Cookies

Regtask defines a computer cookie as any string of electronic data and information that is automatically stored on your pc due to your access of our web site services. In assignment of temporary system identification numbers, we employ cookies to the machines that make use of our services. These procedures enable us to protect our system from various intruder attacks as well as denials of service attacks. In addition, this cookie-generated information enables us to increase service speed to our customers and to our affiliates including other sales partners. Furthermore, these protective actions ensure proper sales credit to our partners while preventing fraudulent transactions from unknown parties.

Here follows the specifics of all cookies:

· The time duration of cookies induced by Regtask is limited.
· Less than 5KB in length.
· Visible only to and our authorized employees.
· Stripped of any unique individual information.

The tracking of our affiliates and/or other sales partners is our primary purpose for using Internet cookies. We seek to ensure accurate payments for their sales and tracking activities relating to their affiliation with us.

Links To External Web Sites

When confident that such applications or connections may be of interest to our customers, Regtask may offer links from within our web site to third party web sites. Our co-branding partners may host these linked sites or an unrelated company may host them. In either event, such web sites are not governed by this privacy policy. Regtask neither represents nor endorses another web site's methods of dealing with your personal information. We recommend caution, and self-safeguarding. You are responsible for checking the privacy policy of any web site you may visit.


Regtask is committed to protecting the personally identifiable information that we collect from you. All such data is stored in limited access servers. We labor and plan so as to preserve the security of our servers, and thereby the safekeeping of your individually identifiable information. We limit our retention of your personally exclusive information to the necessities of purchase confirmations, purchase closings, customer service requirements, or other specific account transactions.

Privacy Policy Modifications

In order to reflect our practices and purposes, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice to you. Please make period returns to this page. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be promptly posted for ready viewing.

Third Party Advertisements

Third party advertisers may place advertisements on Regtask software and they do not have access to personally identifiable information of users who choose to install Regtask . These advertisements help reduce the development cost involved with Regtask and let us provide high quality software solutions at a fair value price.

In order to reflect our practices and purposes, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice to you. Please make period returns to this page. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be promptly posted for ready viewing.

In order to reflect our practices and purposes, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice to you. Please make period returns to this page. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be promptly posted for ready viewing.

Terms of Acceptance

In accessing this web site, using the Regtask services, or purchasing any of our products you are agreeing to the practice, applications, and conditions of information collection as stated and described in this Privacy Policy.

Any questions, complication of terms, or errors in understanding related to this privacy policy may be directed to our support staff at Regtask.

Regtask is a registered trademark.