Free Registry Cleaners

Looking for a free Registry cleaner?

This is a difficult task. Software vendors hone their advertisements so as to include the keyword, “Free”. An Internet search for the precise term “free Registry cleaner” returns over two million results. Most vendors of Registry Cleaning software merely provide a free software download and a free Registry scan. More often than not, a factual cleaning of the Registry is only available after the software is purchased.

It can be frustrating. Even when knowing the terminology, the places to look, and the vendors to automatically exclude one can spend hours seeking, downloading, installing, and then uninstalling Registry cleaners that turn out to be “not” free. Many popular software freebie sites no longer separate and control their offerings. There are no distinguishing descriptions. The free to download, the free to try, and the free of any charges are blindly intermingled.

This article aims to save you time. You want free Registry cleaners. We have located a few. To avoid redundancy, here is a one-time listing of what most Registry cleaners promise to fix, cleanup, or remove.
· Invalid ActiveX
· Invalid application paths
· Invalid custom controls
· Invalid Fonts
· Invalid Help Files
· Invalid Installer reference
· Invalid Paths
· Invalid startup programs
· Missing File and Folder
· Missing shared Dlls
· Missing Shortcut reference
· Obsolete Software Key
· Sound and App Events
· Unused File Extension
The following Registry cleaning software tools are unconditionally free.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.

Released by Eusing Software, ( this free Registry cleaner supports Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7.

Download and product installation is straightforward. At each incident of program execution, the software will display a request for support (Fig. 1). A simple press of the Skip button closes this window. The program does not terminate and stay resident. This means that there is no support for prescheduled and automatic system scans. Everything in this software is under manual control. Aside from a basic Startup Manager add-on (Fig. 2), the program is limited to Registry scanning and correction. The features in that area come as complete as it gets.

The software provides for automatic Registry backup and restore, supports multiple languages, and offers several customizing options (Fig. 3). Other specific promises and features include:

· Safe Registry scanning and repair
· A simple user interface
· A build in link to Regedit
· Computer speed improvements
· A guarantee not to contain Spyware, Adware, or Viruses

The install routines create a desktop launch icon. For program removal, the uninstall function is in the Program Manger group under a folder called Free Registry Cleaner.

MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner

Released by Mispbo Technologies (, this Registry cleaner works with Windows® XP, Me, 98, 95, NT, and 2000. I ran it on Vista with only one complication. I will discuss that later.

This package downloads as a zip file and unpacks into a default folder called MISPBO Registry Cleaner 3.0. Keep up with this folder’s location. The software does not install into the Windows Program Manger or the Windows Registry. To execute the program you must manually run “mreg.exe”.

The front end opens to a simplistic menu (Fig. 4). The package contains no true inline help feature, but each option screen is accompanied by a brief functions explanation text (Fig. 5).

On a scary note, the Registry Defrag function temporarily froze my system. When Windows finally broke free, the damage was limited to a rearranging of the open programs that were on my task bar. This is a danger that accompanies any Registry cleaning software. This may also have been solely related to using the MISPBO free Registry cleaner on a Vista system.

The Registry cleanup menu (Fig. 6) provides for in-depth control of the program’s scanning methods. This section also contains tips as to how to use the Undo Cleanup function. The actual Registry scan takes much longer than any other cleaner I have executed. Perhaps the scan is more through. Perhaps the scanners logistics are slower. I cannot say.

This package is a barebones Registry cleaner. It includes no extra utilities such as disk cleaners, game boosters, or a startup manager. Uninstall is as simple as deleting the zip file and the base MISPBRO folder.

As a straightforward free Registry cleaner, I like it.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free.

Advanced SystemCare Free ( supports all versions of the Windows operating system. I enter it into this article as one of the best free software packages on the market. This is not due to any unique Registry cleaning features. In fact, one can execute these cleaners back-to-back and each one will claim to have identified and fixed a great number of Registry errors.

So what makes Advanced SystemCare Free a better free Registry cleaner?

You may notice that the following screen shots are from SystemCare Professional. Free software is often a crippled version of the master package. SystemCare is one of the few freebies that are almost 100% functional. I like the honesty of that so I purchased the full package.

We are looking at utilities now (Fig. 7 and Fig. 8). Among others features, SystemCare Free includes the following working functions:

· Disk Check
· Disk Cleaner
· Smart Defrag
· Shortcut Fixer
· Driver Backup
· System File Checker
· Startup Manager
· Software Uninstaller
· Much more