What can RegTask do for you? It aims to clean up your registry only in the way that you prefer, added by the fact that our software is customized so that it meets all of the individual needs of our customers. You are given the option, by way of a very user friendly interface, to perform a complete and thorough scan of the entire registry – as well as watch its progress – and allow it to clean everything automatically for you, or to specify certain settings and clean it manually through the safety of our program.

Additionally, RegTask can be scheduled to run at specific times, either daily or weekly, as well as to remove any software upon the booting of the computer that is not necessary to run, so that the computer can run at optimal speed.

Perhaps you have tried to find a decent registry cleaner in the past, which means you know what a complicated affair it can be to find a good one. Luckily, you have found your way here, which means you now know RegTask is designed for Windows XP, but is also compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit. What does this mean? The best registry cleaner there is that we have been utilizing for years is now available across all major and latest Windows operating systems. RegTask will even offer a feature that allows a back up of the registry to be made, so you can feel secure about your cleaning experience.


Likewise, when software undergoes either installation or uninstallation, the operations and changes are recorded by the registry and are placed within such. Then, as the computer is running, Windows will turn to the registry and reference this information as it runs. After awhile, the registry becomes full of fragmented, cluttered bits of recordings, many of which are not even of any use any longer, causing the computer to not be able to find anything, leading to poor performance and an overall unstable system integrity.

In the event that the registry becomes cluttered, some users might try to manually remove the useless keys by themselves, which not only can be extremely time consuming, but is equally risky because the slightest error in cleaning the registry can render the computer totaled, in an even worse state than when it was already performing poorly.

  • COM/ActiveX
  • Automatic repair
  • Startup management
  • Uninstall Entries
  • File/Path References
  • Selection and removal
  • Font Entries
  • Program Shortcuts
  • Help Files Information
  • Shared DLLs
  • Empty Registry Keys
  • Windows Startup Items
  • Application Paths
  • Shell Extensions
  • Backup and restore
  • Ignore list
  • Custom scans
  • Automatic scanning w/ Scheduling

RegTask is an Award Winning Windows Registry Cleaner that speeds up your PC and prolong the lifespan of your computer in a matter of minutes . No more reinstalling of Windows to fix errors.

RegTask can resolve the following errors and help in the following ways:

ActiveX and Com errors. When there are inaccurate ActiveX and/or Com errors in the registry, it can lead to the failure of applications, which lead to system crashes, which lead to the loss of data. RegTask will automatically resolve these problems when found.
Empty and Invalid Registry Keys. RegTask makes short work of both empty and invalid entries within the registry and automatically cleans them up to reduce the clutter found within.
Uninstall Entries. When software uninstalls incorrectly, traces of this event are stored in the registry. RegTask will clean the registry of this whenever a scan is run.
Shell Extensions. Typically, a shell extension is supposed to enhance the experience while on a computer; however, sometimes it may run inaccurately, having the opposite effect as intended in that it severely slows down the computer. RegTask will permanently scrub the registry of these.
Font Entries. Applications such as Microsoft Word and WordPad will very often crash and it is usually due to missing font files. When this happens, RegTask will replace the files and make sure the last crash is indeed the last crash.
Start Up Management. You are given the change to enable and disable any program in the user friendly interface of the Manage Startup feature. Just a few simple clicks and there will not be a hundred different programs fighting for the first load time when the computer turns on.
Shared DLLs. RegTask will automatically repair Shared DLLs that cause errors in running applications.
Custom Scans. RegTask will run scans on the computer to your own customization.
Application Paths. When the path to an application is not listed properly, it will result in the program failing. RegTask will ensure that the correct reference is placed in and ensures it always remains so.
Automatic Scheduled Scanning. Set RegTask to a certain time and decide whether to let it scan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is even possible to have it run upon system start up.
Crashing of Help Files. Even help files can crash, which does not end up helping anybody. RegTask makes sure help files are always available at your disposal.
Selection and Removal. You are in full power of telling RegTask what errors should be solved and which should be left alone at the conclusion of a scan.
Ignore List. RegTask can even ignore defined items that of which were previously detected and you asked it not to repair.
File and Path References. Sometimes, registry entries will link to invalid files. Invalid files may be, for example, temporary Internet files. With every scan, RegTask removes invalid entries such as this by removing them and preventing further instances.
Automatic Repair. You are in full control when it comes to RegTask, including having the option to give it a chance to automatically clean up anything left after the conclusion of a scan.
Program Shortcuts. When a program shortcut is inaccurately defined, it will greatly increase the time it takes to launch the application. RegTask will detect these errors and wipe them clean.
Backup and Restore. Every time a scan is run, RegTask backs up all files that are repaired. To ensure nothing goes wrong, you are in full power to restore any of these items at any given time.

At least 15 MB for the installation of RegTask .
Working Internet Connection
Administration privileges

RegTask answers support enquiries within a 24 hour time frame and have live technical assistance to help you.