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Prior to installing or using our software products, please take time to read this EULA agreement.

In providing quality software products, Regtask seeks to help prevent and/or resolve computer issues that tend to hinder the end user's confidence, security, and productivity during the course of daily computing and Internet access activities. By downloading, installing, and using Regtask (“The Software”), you acknowledge an understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

The Software and Documentation License: Subject to the terms and conditions of this software agreement, Regtask grants to you a limited license to install and use The Software. This non-exclusive license is non-transferable and may not be sub-licensed. Within the limitations of this agreement, you are granted the freedom to use or evaluate The Software along with any and all accompanying documentations. In all aspects of ownership, Regtask retains title to The Software. In purchasing this limited license to install and use The Software, you have established a legally binding agreement between yourself, the user of The Software, and Regtask the owner of The Software. If you have entered into this agreement by error, and do not concur to the terms and conditions as set forth in this contract, you must immediately cease all use of The Software. You must end any current, in-process program installs. Furthermore, you must stop using and uninstall, without respect to current active use, any and all installed versions of The Software.

Software and Documentation Distribution: In accordance with this agreement, you are not permitted to distribute, duplicate, resell, share, transfer or sub-license in whole or in part any portion of The Software or the associated documentation. As a single exception to this rule, you may produce one copy of The Software for archive purposes only. For information concerning redistribution or enhanced rights to The Software, please contact Regtask.

Ten Part User Agreement Breakdown.

1.1 Evaluation Usage of The Software: Regtask permits you to download an evaluation of The Software without the need for purchasing a license. This Evaluation Version of The Software may be restricted in one or all of the following manners: 1) an attached maximum number of uses, 2) a limited, time-based active life period, 3) reduced features and functions.

The Evaluation Version may be upgraded to a licensed copy of The Software. Contact Regtask for details.

1.2 Activation of The Software: Activation of a purchased, licensed copy of The Software may require Internet or telephone access to Regtask. The internal coding of The Software is designed to prevent unlicensed use of The Software, including deterrence of licensing methods that are not properly sourced through Regtask. If activation is secured through Internet access, Regtask will not use the process to obtain user identification information from within your computer.

1.3 Evaluation Version Distribution: Regtask encourages user distribution of the Evaluation Version of The Software. However, such distribution may include only an original, unaltered version of The Software as supplied by Regtask. You may not add files, delete files, or modify the internal code of the distributable Evaluation Version of The Software. You may not misrepresent the features or limitations of the Evaluation Version of The Software. Aside from a reasonable packaging and handling cost, you may not attach any sales fee to the distribution of this Evaluation Version of The Software. Furthermore, the freedom to distribute this Evaluation Version of The Software is restricted to those who hold a written confirmation of Regtask's authorization for such distribution. Certain limited use and distribution conditions may apply. Contact Regtask for further details.

1.4 Limits of Use: Each purchased license to install and use The Software is limited to a single system installation. Furthermore, a purchased license may include time restrictions that require periodic license renewal. In order to maintain use and functionality of The Software, you may be required to purchase a new license at established time intervals. For further information concerning the original purchase, renewal options, or acquisition of additional licenses please contact support at Regtask.

1.5 Restrictions of Use: The Software may not be used for any unlawful purposes. Use of The Software is restricted to one machine per purchased license. Every installed copy of The Software is considered a license in use. If installed on a multi-user platform, every workstation with access to The Software is required to hold a right to install and use license. For multi-site licensing packages, contact sales at Regtask. The number of installed applications of The Software or the number of covered users under a multi-site license of The Software may not exceed the number of purchased right to install and use licenses. For security purposes, you are permitted to make one backup copy of The Software. At no time are you permitted to own more than one backup copy of the Software. Without prior written consent of Regtask, any attempt to assign, distribute, network, sale, or sub-license reproductions of The Software is a violation of this agreement. Neither may you share, loan, rent, or transfer the use of a licensed version of The Software. It is also illegal to borrow a license of The Software from another purchaser. Time and use factors having no bearing, licensed versions of The Software may not be shared between workstations or locations. If your registered license of The Software is used on more than one system or workstation, you are in violation of the purchased license and responsible for the legal consequences.

1.6 Copyright Restrictions: The documentation, contents, inner workings, trade secrets, and other proprietary substance of The Software is copyrighted. You do not have the right to disassemble, decompile, modify, or reverse engineer The Software. You do not have the right to capture the look and feel of The Software. Nor may you use The Software as a template for creating derivative works thereof.

The included logo and graphics files that are associated with The Software represent the name of Regtask, and may not be reproduced or used in any unauthorized product promotion campaigns. The Intellectual Property rights, title rights, and ownership rights of The Software are under the sole and exclusive control of Regtask. Using The Software during the development of third party goods does not constitute an entitlement to the logos and graphics of The Software. All parts and components of this The Software are protected under copyright law and international copyright treaty provisions. Regtask reserves all rights to the software code, integrated images, and supplied documentation of The Software.

1.7 Limitation of Responsibility: Regtask, its employees, distributors, and agents are in no manner accountable for any incurred losses that may be perceived as connected to your use of The Software. Under no circumstances of activity nor conditions of environment (including, without limitation, any loss that is due to a real or alleged act of negligence) shall Regtask, its employees, agents, or distributors be liable for consequential, insignificant, implicit, direct, special, or punitive damages as related to the loss of profits, business activities, information resources, or any other pecuniary gains that may arise in connection to this agreement or the use of The Software. Neither is Regtask responsible of any losses that may be related to your inability to use The Software for a given purpose or function, including any practice of theory or negligence. Furthermore, you will endorse, hold innocent, and defend Regtask, its workers, distributors, and possessions against any and all such assertions and accusations. Without exception, the entire legal responsibility of Regtask as related to the use or misuse of The Software is limited to the reimbursement of the customer's purchased price as paid for The Software (a maximum dollar value being the lesser of the amount paid by the customer versus the suggested retail price as listed by Regtask, less any appropriate taxes and shipping fees). In exchange for said compensation, the customer must return to Regtask the product along with all backup copies, registration papers, manuals, and any remaining install and use license rights. This reimbursement is limited to The Software purchased directly from Regtask. Such reimbursement constitutes a full and final closure to any contractual disagreements. Copies of The Software that were purchased through a distributor, reseller, retailer, or other third party are considered third party purchases and as such must be addressed through the concerned third party. Regtask makes no guarantee that The Software will identify or correct any particular computer operating system registry problem. This includes, without limits, any perceived guarantee to locate and correct specific system registry Keys or Values, to isolate and repair associated files, to remove or clean any exact Registry holes, or to pinpoint precise registry problem areas.

1.8 Warranties: Unless specifically affirmed in writing by an approved Regtask employee, Regtask makes no guarantees with respect to The Software performance or application. Furthermore, Regtask explicitly excludes all other oral, written, expressed, or implied warranties, including, without limitation, any indirect statements of The Software's merchantable quality or fitness for a given purpose. THE COMPANY DOES NOT, IN ANY WAY, GUARANTEE THAT THIS SOFTWARE WILL FUNCTION WITH EVERY COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM REGISTRY ENTRY, NOR ANY OF ITS ASSOCIATED FILES. THE COMPANY LIKEWISE DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE FILES WILL BE IDENTIFIED AND/OR REMOVED BY THE SOFTWARE.

1.09 Termination of the Agreement: The download and use of The Software is an acknowledgement that you will comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any failure to meet these requirements will result in a mandatory and instantaneous termination of your license to install and use The Software. Upon termination of a license to install and use The Software, the terminated user agrees to cease use of The Software, uninstall all applied versions, and destroy all copies and backups as supplied under this agreement. Any remaining user financial obligations as related to The Software shall survive the expiration of the right to install and use license.

Consent to Use of Personal Data: By downloading, installing, and using The Software, you agree that Regtask may use features within The Software as a necessary part of product support pertaining to the services provided to you and for you by the company. As such, Regtask may collect and accumulate information transmitted by you through The Software. Though you may be encouraged via screen prompts to report any malicious software invasions or contaminations to your computer system, you are in no way obligated to transmit such information. However, a positive response may provide you with improvement software features, notices of value software updates, and messages of interest as related to all registered users of The Software. Internet-based verification of user registration, license verification, and software version checks are integrated components of The Software. Use of The Software confirms that you agree with Regtask's authority to automatically check and update the status of these built-in product procedures. Furthermore, you concur that Regtask has the right to provide updates, upgrades, or fixes to The Software. The act of accepting and downloading any suggested updates, upgrades, or fixes is your choice. Other than product specific data, Regtask will never use these internal program features as a means of collecting personal and private information from your computer system.

Regtask is a registered trademark.