The team behind RegTask are technicians who know it is possible for all users to have an error free experience on their computers following a very simple two minute scan without them ever needing to leave their comfortable seats. Thus came RegTask, dedicated to improve user experiences everywhere by way of advanced software development.

The software began in 2008 and since then has helped literally tens of thousands of computer users get the most out of their computer, ending their frustrations and granting them happiness and convenience. To top it all off, many of our customers have sent us positive testimonials and recommending the program to friends who suffer from the same problems. We are pleased to announce we have also won several awards from several different industry leading software publications and we won't stop there – we will make sure to put all our effort to ensure this goes on for many years to come.

Our software utilizes a proprietary scan system which detects registry problems, including missing or outdated keys, all of which can lead to system crashes, slow performance, DLL errors, those of which lead to loss of personal data and system failure. The most common cause of these problems are the repeated installations and uninstallatfions of software. A quick scan by RegTask allows it to identify these problems and clean them up, which will overall optimize the performance speed of the computer and ensure no future errors occur. Users are capable of scheduling scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to make sure the computer is always working at its best.


Important Information

Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions about our products and services. All emails are guaranteed to be responded to within the span of 24 hours and we are always looking for suggestions that you may provide on how we might improve ourselves and our software in order to help serve you better.