RegTask Help your computer

RegTask can save your personal computer if:

  • It suffers from poor performance (i.e., freezing, lagging, etc.);
  • It pops up several error messages for a number of problems;
  • It experiences the dreaded Blue Screen of Death;
  • It experiences errors related to ActiveX and DLL;
  • It is bogged down with registry problems, such as invalid or empty registries; and
  • It takes ages for it to shut down.

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Reinstalling Windows is No Longer Necessary!

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With Regtask™ you can speed up your computer with a few simple clicks.

Windows Registry is present to “fill in the blank” of Windows' source code, or to define the configurations of the computer. When you install and uninstall programs, it clutters the registry after awhile, leading to the poor performance it will experience, leading to the computer crashing and you losing valuable data.

Don't spend a dollar more than is necessary to fix your computer, and don't spend a moment trying to edit the registry manually; after all, it is better to get the job done first without having to reinstall Windows all over again! With RegTask, all it takes is a few simple clicks before your computer is back to its old self again.

With a single click, RegTask implements the use of a high performing algorithm that of which will immediately find all inconsistencies with the registry, as well as provide the user a list of everything causing errors. From there, you are able to select which errors should be repaired; RegTask will not clean anything without prior authorization. As if that were not enough, it even conveniently provides a backup feature for any and all repaired files for the purposes of easily recovering them later on.